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Our products are designed to help create great dining experiences for your customers. We offer a wide range of high quality food packaging products for quick service and fast casual restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, convenience stores and vending operators across the world.

Home delivery packaging for food and beverages

The new range from Huhtamaki features over 100 products for food and drink on-the-go, specifically designed to serve the needs of home delivery and takeaway foodservice operators in the UK. 


High quality food packaging solutions

We can help grow your business with our specialist packaging for food, beverages and consumer goods. You can always find the right packaging solution to fit your needs and unlock new opportunities. Explore the different categories of foodservice packaging products that we offer.

High quality food packaging solutions


Packaging for food and beverages

From paper cups for beverages, containers for food-on-the-go to customised solutions for food packaging, we offer a wide range of high-quality foodservice packaging products for on-site, drive-thru, catering, consumer goods and takeout services.

Packaging for food and beverages


Packaging for good

All of Huhtamaki’s products are designed to serve the growing demand for on the go food and drink with responsibly sourced and manufactured products, with renewable, recyclable and compostable packaging solutions available. They are designed to minimise environmental impacts across the value chain and we continuously innovate to improve the sustainability of our existing and new products.

Packaging for good

How and where to recycle your paper cups

Whether you are a business or foodservice operator, or a consumer who enjoys a coffee on the go, it is easier than ever to get your cup recycled in the UK.

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