Paper wraps and bags

Paper wraps and bags

Convenience is among the main reasons why people prefer eating out or home delivery. Eating on the go is fast becoming a norm and packaging plays a key role in ensuring that food served is consumed conveniently. Our greaseproof paper wraps, paper pockets and paper bags for fries are a convenient and economical option for delicious sandwiches and burgers. We supply leading quick service restaurants with our paper wraps and takeout paper bags.

Paper wraps

Paper wraps are a great option for serving sandwiches, burgers and other types of food. As a supplier to leading quick service brands our wrap paper are designed for the modern quick service use and are widely used to serve food that people can enjoy on the go or while dining in.

Paper bags

The restaurant business is continuously evolving to adapt to the changing needs of consumers, takeaway and home delivery of food are trends that have seen rapid growth. Paper bags are a key element used by restaurants, cafes and food service chains to deliver food and convenience to customers. We offer a range of paper bags for convenient carry out of food.