Powdered beverages & nutrition drinks

Under the concept of "Just add water or milk for a delicious & comforting drink" powder beverages & nutrition drinks are the one of alternative source of nutrition food in a day. As the products quite sensitive to moisture therefore high barrier packaging is necessary. To prolong the shelf life of products, we are offer you the high barrier packaging  to protect the moisture transmision  which  is the cause of deterioration in product. Premium look for eye catching is required in this market and our special technique in printing is the solution.



Our product offering: 

  • Primary packaging laminates for powdered juices, protein powders
  • High-barrier laminates with alu foil & metalized films
  • Laminates for stick packs, sachets & pouches
  • Shaped pouches for drinks
  • Stand up pouches with closures like zippers and spouts
  • Shrink sleeves, wet-strength & pressure sensitive labels with premiumized aesthetics for bottles
  • Wads in bottles for powdered nutritional products
  • We offer shaped pouches and thermoforms with eye-catching aesthetics, good functionality and convenience.