Tea packaging

We wrap this incomparable product with clever packaging solutionsTea is an all-rounder and the favorite of the beverage world – there's something to suit everyone's taste; coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, and alcohol combined are not able to top the variety of teas. We drink tea in many different varieties all over the globe, and it is equally popular everywhere. Green, black, white, fruit or herbal tea: Tea tastes great and also enhances people's wellbeing.It has been scientifically proven that tea – depending on which one you drink – always has a positive effect. The warmth and the aroma of a freshly brewed cup relax and affect our senses, and the flavorings put you in a mellow mood, soothing your body and mind – especially in stressful situations. Enjoying the precious ingredients of a cup of tea in the morning sets you up for the day, mobilizes inner energies, and when we're ill, it helps our recovery.
Huhtamaki is enhancing the growing market for tea with intelligent packaging solutions in the widest variety of designs.

Our priority? Retaining aroma!

As diverse as the variety of tea flavors are, so too are the requirements for its packaging – our biggest and most important concern is retaining the aromas that make the tea so special. At Huhtamaki, we offer a wide variety of products for this purpose: Starting with simple printed monofilm solutions up to multilayer, recloseable or even shaped structures and tea tags.With innovative ideas for this exciting market, we at Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging would like to support our customers and drive their business forward – We are the perfect partner from development and production through to the delivery of your dream packaging. When can we start working for you?



Our product offering: 

  • Primary packaging laminates
  • Single-serve sachets
  • Envelopes for tea bags
  • Shaped pouches for flavoured tea
  • 5 and 6 panel box-replacement pouches for high-impact branding and shelf-stability
  • Stand up pouches with closures like zippers
  • We offer shaped pouches with improved aesthetics, good functionality, and convenience
  • Pack enhancement with aesthetic features and textures – holographic or metallic printing, embossed, satin, grainy textures, high-gloss, matt-gloss, fluorescent inks
  • Digitally printed laminates & pouches for short-runs or variable printing for multiple SKUs