Promotional & anti-counterfeit packaging

Flexible packaging enables versatile choices to enhance consumer impressions and interaction, offer brand security and protect reputations as much as products.

In today’s competitive marketplace, brands are increasingly focusing on pack personalization and customization to carve distinct identities and connect with end-users. Understanding the role of packaging in building brands, we offer innovative premiums and promotional solutions that invigorate brand touch points and deliver memorable experiences – after all, a package is the first hand-shake a consumer has with a product.

Our brand promotion solutions include freebies such as tattoos & stickers, holographic packaging, digital printing for limited-edition and personalized packaging, in pack promotions through registered stickers within printed laminate rolls or unique random codes with variable inside messaging, point-of-sale banners, on-pack offers through scannable QR codes, scratch to win labels and so on.

With rising counterfeit products making up a vast global business, we even help brands curb the spread of fakes that have wider effects on their reputation and revenues. Our anti-counterfeiting packaging includes overt, semi-covert or covert security features such as registered holograms, photochromatic inks, fingerprinting, micro-text printing, sticker inside laminate, camouflage security impressions as well as hidden text and images.





Our brand promotion offerings: 

- Premiums – tattoos, holographic stickers, tattoos with cards and holo sticker with cards,    scratch to win labels
- Point of sale (POS) banners with variable data printing capability
- Holographic packaging
- On pack promotion through QR codes and unique random codes with registered inside messaging
- Registered stickers within printed laminate rolls
- Limited-edition or personalized packaging through digital printing

Our brand protection & security offerings:

- Registered holographic packaging
- Unique barcode fingerprinting
- Micro-text printing
- Hidden text and images
- Camouflage security impression (sandwiched within laminate)
- Registered stickers within printed laminate rolls