Enjoy the Taste range

Fluted Taste containers offer great functionality for a wide range of hot and cold meals or snacks. They are designed to work for serve over, hot cabinet, takeaway and delivery use and have great insulative benefits, keeping food hotter for longer. The range has been extensively tested for use in a hot cabinet for up to 4 hours at 85°C and give great versatility allowing cooking or reheating of food in the packaging (BfR XXXVI/2 compliant).

Taste products have good environmental credentials, they are made without any intentionally added PFAS, contain either no plastic or very low levels (max 10%), are recyclable where facilities exist and are made from papers from sustainably managed forests.

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NEW! Bag sealer and paper bags

Huhtamaki’s Bag Sealer is a smart and effective solution for a secure delivery of a variety of foodservice items. Simple in form, sustainable and functional, the Bag Sealer ensures that food items ordered by consumers can be safely delivered, minimizing the risk of undesired losses and tampering.

The Bag Sealer is a printable security seal which can be used with the handled and non-handled paper bags commonly used for takeaway and delivery orders and works with Huhtamaki’s paper bags or those supplied by other manufacturers.

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Next generation paper cups with less than 5% polymer coating

At Huhtamaki we are committed to creating new sustainable materials that are safe for food, perform well, and which are recyclable. We are able to offer coatings for hot and cold cups which deliver a reduction in the amount of Polyethylene (PE) used in the lining of the cups.

This is important because it enables Huhtamaki to achieve a minimum of 95% fiber content by product weight for hot and cold cups, or put another way, we are able to offer our customers products which contain less than 5% polymer content. Our lower plastic hot and cold cups are highly pulpable and recyclable via existing waste-streams for paper cups.

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Paper plates, suitable for all occasions

These pure white paper plates are suitable for serving all kinds of hot and cold foods, and are made from PEFC-certified paper board, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Additionally, they are free from plastic and intentionally added PFAS or OBA (OBA = Optical Brightening Agent), ensuring their safety. The plates have been designed with practicality and ease in mind, and can be easily used and disposed of through composting or packing waste collection.

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Introducing 1L paper-based containers & lids for ice cream

As key global provider of sustainable packaging, we offer solutions that enable the shift of packaging for ice cream from traditional plastic containers to recyclable paper tubs and lids. We believe that the switch to recyclable paper-based packaging will help brands to significantly reduce their use of plastic and to ensure high visibility of their products on the shelves.

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Renewable, recyclable, compostable and plastic free fiber lids

Lids for paper cups are used by millions of people every day and are essential to enjoy beverages on the go. The fiber lids from Huhtamaki are an excellent sustainable alternative to plastic lids. They are made from renewable plant-based fibers, contain no plastic coatings and offer a sustainable choice for people to drink hot and cold beverages.

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