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At Huhtamaki, we know that making the right choices for a better future should be simple. That’s why we’re designing packaging solutions that are inspired by nature.

The future is fiber

How people consume is undergoing rapid change. As consumer demands and regulatory requirements intensify, the packaging industry needs to find new ways to protect food safely in more sustainable ways. Our fiber-based egg carton, made from 100% recycled material, is now available for customers in the United States to capture market growth and stay ahead of the foam ban and legislations. 

Our approach to fiber solutions

We believe Huhtamaki’s Fiber Solutions have the power to redesign the future; combining renewable and sustainable raw materials with high precision technology to deliver sustainable packaging solutions in partnership with our customers. Find out how we are redesigning the future.

Making the impossible possible

Making the impossible possible from idea to final product , we aim to bring another transformative technology to market within one and half years. By combining high precision technology, world-class engineering, science, and leadership, we are innovating to meet both what consumers want and what the planet needs today while redesigning the future of sustainable packaging solutions. And this is just a start.

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Expertise and passion at Huhtamaki Fiber Solutions brings innovation to life

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