The future is fiber

How people consume is undergoing rapid change. As consumer demands and regulatory requirements intensify, the packaging industry needs to find new ways to protect food safely in more sustainable ways. Eric Le Lay, President, Fiber and Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania at Huhtamaki, believes that there is a game-changing technology that can facilitate this transformation: High precision technology for smooth molded fiber packaging.

About Huhtamaki Fiber Solutions - The Future Redesigned

We believe Huhtamaki’s Fiber Solutions have the power to redesign the future; combining renewable and sustainable raw materials with high precision technology to deliver sustainable packaging solutions in partnership with our customers. Find out how we are redesigning the future.

Nature creates fiber, this is how we redesign the future with it

We live and breathe innovation. Hear from our experts at Fiber Technology Centre in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Their expertise, passion and obsession runs through everything they do. 


Fiber lids for paper cups

We at Huhtamaki introduced the Future Smart Duo fiber lids to meet our customers’ growing demand for sustainable solutions. Made from renewable plant-based fibers, containing no plastic coatings, our functionally designed fiber lids are an exceptionally sustainable alternative to plastic lids. They demonstrate the tremendous potential of fiber-based food packaging while to providing a safe and pleasant way to enjoy hot and cold beverages.

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