“Systemic regulatory change comes from a truly unified effort”

When decision-makers craft legislation, every part of the value chain must work together if there are to be regulations that work for everyone, reasons Fatma Sahin, European External Affairs Manager at Unilever.

“If regulators want to achieve robust legislation, they must be more pragmatic”

Having ambitious targets is not a problem. The problem comes when those targets trigger reasoning that isn’t questioned, says Dr. Lorenzo Allio, Senior Policy Analyst at the European Regulation and Innovation Forum.

“There are many challenges on the path to better regulation”

No one instrument can do the job on its own. Systemic change calls for policy mixes and innovative governance, says Patrick ten Brink, Deputy Secretary General and Director of EU Policy of the European Environmental Bureau.

How can digitalization deliver circular and sustainable manufacturing?

Join our virtual roundtable discussion on the importance of digitalization to the next generation of manufacturing and its competitiveness. The virtual roundtable is held on Thursday 15 April at 15:00 (CET).

Meet the Circle



Alexandre Affre

Deputy Director General, BusinessEurope

Lorenzo Allio

Senior Policy Analyst, European Regulation and Innovation Forum

Caesaré Assad

Food System 6

Annica Bresky

President and CEO,
Stora Enso

Patrick ten Brink

Deputy Secretary General, The European Environmental Bureau

Kate Daly

Managing Director of the Center for the Circular Economy, NextGen consortium & Closed Loop partners

Steve Evans

Professor and Director of Research, Centre for Industrial Sustainability at Cambridge University

Darragh Flynn

Managing Director, The Happy Pear

Ray Georgeson

Trustee, WasteAid

Ali Harlin

Research Professor at VTT & Lead of Package Heroes

Charles Héaulmé

President and CEO, Huhtamaki

Frank Heidlberger

Director of Global Packaging, McDonald's

Thomasine Kamerling

EVP, Sustainability and Communications, Huhtamaki

Jyrki Katainen

President, Sitra

Andy Parton

Vice President Petcare Commercial, Mars

Fatma Sahin

European External Affairs Manager, Unilever

Heikki Salmela

Chairman of the Board and Founder, Hesburger

Petri Sarvamaa

Member of the European Parliament

Henna Virkkunen

Member of the European Parliament

Maria Wetterstrand

Former Head of the Swedish Green Party,
CEO Miltton Europe

Michelle Wilson

Lead of Circular Economy Network, WasteAid

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