We are a leading manufacturer of packaging for consumer packaged goods as well as tableware, cups, folding cartons, containers, carriers, trays and serviceware for the foodservice industry and retail market.

We take raw materials and create finished goods using the following technologies: 

  • Shaped paperboard – Paper cups, containers, lids, paper plates and trays, and folding cartons
  • Our unique molded fiber process uses recycled materials such as newsprint and paperboard; Select Chinet® molded fiber products are compostable
  • We manufacture plastic cups and food containers, bowls, and unique lids with color printed graphics and in-line printing

We invest in cutting-edge machinery and technology while continually improving our processes to help our company create a number of competitive advantages, including: 

  • Equipment systems enabling you to form on-site/on-demand reducing transportation and warehousing costs significantly
  • High output and efficient production
  • Unique ability to work with multiple materials
  • Wide range of shapes and closures
  • Custom design options to make your product stand out
  • Creative design capabilities to put the final touch on your packaging

Our focus on technological excellence translates into cost savings, superior products, efficient distribution and ease of implementation for our customers.