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Your products' packaging is a key factor for success. It creates a direct link between the consumer and your product at the point of sale, triggering crucial purchase impulses. And last but not least, it protects your product and ensures comfortable handling. Therefore, the degree to which packaging appeals to consumers in terms of both form and function determines your long-term sales success. We are familiar with the mechanisms of the markets and set new standards with smart and innovative packaging solutions - to cater to you too. Our focus is on ensuring a strong, distinctive market presence for your product.

Take advantage of our experience and stamina for your success on the market. We are happy to be here for you - passionate and efficient.

We discover, innovate and produce flexible packaging solutions for brands that are a part of everyday life all around the world.

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Ronsberg, Germany

A small paper mill in southern Bavaria formed the basis for our more than 430 years of packaging history.  From this same location, in Ronsberg Germany, our innovative products are made, which can now be found throughout the world. What was once a supplier to local dairies has become an international market and technology leader for flexible packaging materials – as well as the world’s leading manufacturer of tube laminates, retortable stand-up pouches and soup cube packaging.  We can offer all your required technologies under one roof.  Starting with our Prepress, going to gravure printing where we can also offer in-house laquer and ink production.  With all aspects of print controlled in house we achieve the highest possible print quality for our customers’ products.  Following printing, products are sent to lamination or coating where we offer bespoke solutions for your needs, using solvent free, solvent based, glue or extrusion lamination/coating. Our last production step is the winding and packing.  Did you know that around 17 trucks are leaving Huhtamaki Ronsberg everyday with packaging material.
We are proud of our history, which inspires us to keep our tradition of innovation and excellence alive into the future.

  • 1585 Establishment of the Ronsberg paper mill
  • 1886 Parchment production for butter and cheese packaging
  • 1910 First wax lamination
  • 1937 Incorporation in the Unilever Group
  • 1950 First Gravure printing press ; 130 employees
  • 1985 Electro-mechanical cylinder engraving replaces the chemical etching process; 726 employees
  • 1992 Van Leer acquires the 4P Group
  • 1999 Huhtamaki takes over Van Leer
    Today: With around 1.000 employees Huhtamaki Ronsberg is one of the leading packaging suppliers


Tortona, Italy

Located at the foothills of Tortona and in the triangle amongst the important industrial and commercial centers of Milan, Genoa and Turin, the company was founded in 1960 as Isea S.p.A. by a brilliant entrepreneur from Tortona.

  • August 1995: Company purchased by 4P Group and becomes 4P Isea S.p.A.
  • June 1996: Following the purchase of the 4P Group by Van Leer, the new company becomes Van Leer Italia S.p.A– Divisione 4P Isea
  • 1999: Merger between Huhtamaki and Van Leer
  • November 2009: The company becomes a legal independent entity: Huhtamaki Flexibles Italy Srl
  • May 2013: Respect for the environment and competitiveness are improved thanks to the installation of a solvent recovery plant
  • January 2014: The company begins producing triplex laminated for sterilization with the installation of a new laminating machine Bobst CL 1000 TD

Maintaining attention to the customer and typical flexibility of a family-run business, today the plant is perfectly  integrated as part of Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Europe.
The actual staff count is 160 employees.

Laminor, Brazil 

Since October 2003 Laminor produces tube laminates for the oral and beauty care market in North and South America. 130 employees work at the site in Brazil.

Laminor works with World Class Operation Manufacturing (WCOM) methodology, which is an integrated system of procedures and methods designed to drive continuous quality improvements, waste reduction and efficiency throughout our manufacturing facilities and entire organization.