Packaging for food and beverages

From paper cups for beverages, containers for food-on-the-go to customized solutions for food packaging, we offer a wide range of high-quality foodservice packaging products for on-site, drive-thru, catering, consumer goods and takeout services.

Packaging for food and beverages


High quality food packaging solutions

We can help grow your business with our specialist packaging for food, beverages and consumer goods. You can always find the right packaging solution to fit your needs and unlock new opportunities. Explore the different categories of foodservice packaging products that we offer.

High quality food packaging solutions

Fiber Solutions - The Future Redesigned

Going beyond merely renewable, fiber is a natural material that is endlessly versatile, shapable and adaptable. With high precision technology fiber can be molded for the various uses our customers might need. At Huhtamaki, we are perfecting the collaboration between nature’s technologies, our customers’ needs and consumers' desires. What is simply fiber today can be anything tomorrow. With fiber we can embrace a future that is not fixed.

Fiber lids for paper cups

Lids for paper cups are used by millions of people every day and are essential to enjoy beverages on the go. The Future Smart fiber lids from Huhtamaki are an excellent sustainable alternative to plastic lids. They are made from renewable plant-based fibers, contain no plastic coatings and offer a sustainable choice for people to drink hot and cold beverages.

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