Responsible and committed

Food is critical to life and a source of great joy and pleasure. Packaging ensures it is delivered safely and will not be wasted. We see it as our responsibility to produce the best fit-for-purpose packaging to protect and serve food. Choosing the right materials, using them in an optimal way and considering the end of life and recycling possibilities all play a part in developing more sustainable packaging solutions.

From sustainably managed forests

With the right packaging choices, the environmental impacts of making safe food accessible to the world’s growing population can be reduced.  Here at Huhtamaki Henderson, we conform to the industry standards set to transform the way forests are managed, to help all enjoy the benefits that forests offer. Most of our paperboard is currently based on wood from responsibly managed sources and traced by chain of custody.

Packaging innovation for sustainability


Huhtamaki has been the pioneer in introducing new innovations and using sustainable materials for making food packaging products.

Packaging for Good

Our sustainability program

Huhtamaki’s sustainability program is called Packaging for Good. Packaging for Good is something we do every day. For example, our safety, innovation, sourcing and efficiency work falls under these themes. In the world with a growing population, bigger cities and more demand for packaged food, we have an important role to play. Packaging for Good program captures the best things we are doing and want to develop further together.

Our sustainability program