Retail brands

Each product in the Retail brand solutions line features all the strength and reliability that is inherent to the Huhtamaki tableware products name. Customized Retail brand solutions include strong and sturdy smoothwall plates and bowls, as well as fluted plates for the value-minded consumer. Pressboard tableware offers a premium line of decorated plates, bowls, and cups that merchandise well and look great on consumer's tables.

Paper tableware

From premium printed plates and bowls to economical fluted plates, We offer options for any occasion.

Fluted plates

Perfect for backyard sandwiches and snacks in the park, our fluted plates offer consumers an economical tableware solution. It's the ideal disposable plate for value-conscious customers. White. Available in 6" and 9" sizes, with coated and un-coated finish. Custom printed film, labels and printed bags available.

Smoothwall plates & bowls

For larger meals, our heavy-duty smoothwall plates and bowls offer strength and reliability. Ideal for backyard barbecues or picnic gatherings. White plates and bowls feature grease resistance, cut resistance and are microwave safe. Custom printed film, bags or printed labels available.

Designer plates, bowls & cups

With an assortment of modern, trendy designs that stand out on tables – and shelves – our pressboard designer plates, bowls and cups feature festive rim prints and fun, seasonal designs. Custom printed film, bags or labels available.

Plastic tableware

For every use, every occasion. When it comes to sturdy, everyday plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, Huhtamaki has it.

Plastic plates

Steak and potatoes are no problem for our cut-resistant, leak-proof plastic plates. Plastic plates are available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes.

Plastic bowls

Our plastic bowls offer a strong and reliable disposable tableware solution for party snacking or side dishes. These bowls are perfect for serving peanuts and pretzels on the buffet – or coleslaw and salad on the table. Available in a variety of popular sizes from 12 oz. to 20 oz.

Plastic cups

Our plastic cups come in a variety of sizes to fit any cold beverage need. The complete line of cups includes popular red and blue party cups, as well as white, translucent, clear, and festive pink and blue. Available in 7 oz., 9 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz, and 18 oz. sizes.

Plastic cutlery

For disposable cutlery that can stand up to everything from barbecue to ice cream, Our plastic cutlery is perfect for wedding receptions and backyard gatherings. Available in white, clear and black. Size, weight and count can be customized. White, clear and black combo packs are also available.