The Chinet® Brand

The Chinet® brand is one of the most recognized disposable tableware brands in America. From our Chinet Classic® molded fiber plates and bowls – made from 50% recycled materials – to our elegant Chinet Crystal® plates and cups, consumers trust the Chinet® brand's quality. And with disposable napkins, tablecovers and insulated hot cups, consumers are using Chinet® products for all their events and family gatherings. For more information about Chinet® products including recipes, entertaining ideas and crafts, visit

Chinet® Classic Whiteâ„¢

Timeless elegance and strength has made Chinet® Classic White™ America's premium disposable tableware.

Chinet Classic® plates

Still the original and still number one, Chinet Classic® products have been trusted for generations. Our premium strength molded fiber plates, platters and bowls give consumers the confidence they can serve even the heaviest, messiest meals with style. They are microwave safe and made in the USA from 50% recycled materials. Available in multiple sizes and counts.

Chinet Classic® bowls

From homemade chili to ice cream sundaes, Chinet Classic® molded fiber bowls can hold it with strength and style. That's why the Chinet® brand is the single most trusted premium disposable tableware brand in America. Microwave safe and made in the USA from 50% recycled material. Available in 16 oz.

Chinet Classic® napkins

Our folded napkins feature an added softness that consumers want, plus the famous Chinet® brand strength they expect. They're the perfect finishing touch to any gathering. Napkins are available in dinner, all occassion and beverage sizes.

Chinet Comfort® insulated hot cups

America's favorite insulated disposable cup, Chinet Comfort® cup features double layer insulation to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. And with their tight-fitting lids, they're perfect for on-the-go consumers.

Chinet Comfort® cup

From hot coffee to iced tea, nothing lets consumers take it with them better than Chinet Comfort® cups. Its superior double-layer insulation keeps hot and cold beverages at the right temperature longer, while providing comfortable hand protection. Secure snap lids help prevent unwanted spills. Available in stylish designs in either 12 oz. or 16 oz. sizes.

Chinet Crystal® plates and cups

A cut above ordinary disposables, Chinet Crystal® products simply sparkle. Made from clear, premium plastic, it adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Chinet Crystal® plates

Now the standard in elegance and sophistication, Chinet Crystal® plates are perfect for holidays, weddings, showers and other special events. Reminiscent of real crystal – with the Chinet® brand strength you depend on – Chinet Crystal® plates are a cut above any other disposable tableware. Available in 10" Dinner and 7" Dessert Plates.

Chinet Crystal® cups

The perfect toast deserves the perfect cup. Chinet Crystal® cups add a touch of class and sophistication to any event, from weddings to holiday gatherings. Made from premium, clear plastic, yet designed with all the elegance of real crystal tableware. The stylish way to add disposable convenience. Available in 9 oz. and 14 oz. sizes.

Chinet Crystal® Stemless Wine Glasses

Chinet Crystal® has welcomed a new member to the premium disposable line of tableware — a stemless wine glass. The new wine glass extends a line of sophisticated plates and cutlery making casual elegance affordable, convenient and enjoyable.