We innovate to make the most of fiber

Fiber is endlessly versatile, shapable and adaptable. We use both sustainably sourced virgin fiber and recycled fiber in our different packaging solutions - always choosing the material that best fits its application. Ultimately, we at Huhtamaki innovate to make the most of this material so that what is simply fiber today can be anything tomorrow.

We live and breathe innovation

Nature creates fiber, this is how we redesign the future with it. Find out how our experts at our Fiber Technology Centre in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands innovate with this material. Their expertise, passion and obsession runs through everything they do

Expertise and passion brings innovation to life

Fiber packaging has existed for years, but what difference do we make?

At Huhtamaki, we innovate to make the most of this natural material, elevating it through our cutting-edge technology capabilities. What brings material and packaging innovation to life is our people. Their knowledge, expertise and passion reflects in the work they do each and every day to design the fiber packaging of the future.

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