Huhtamaki Fresh facts

Do I need to cook/treat the tray any differently?

You can cook, refrigerate and freeze your meals the same as you would do for a standard product.

What is the tray made from?

It is made from virgin pulp and the base tray layer has a bio laminate added. The bio laminate coats the inside of the tray and is made from natural sources. The tray has been tested to ensure it is completely food safe.

Are there any recycled materials in the tray?

As this packaging is in direct contact with food, it is made from virgin pulp to prevent potential foreign bodies or contaminates. The material comes from forests that are sustainable and harvested according to the certified standards. In short for every tree cut down three are planted.

Will it affect the taste?

The tray has been tested to ensure that it is food safe, and there should be no change to the taste of the meal.

What recycling bin should I put it in?

The tray is recyclable, so please rinse the inside to clean it and then recycle it to the paper waste stream.

Fresh ready meal tray is also home compostable.