Huhtamaki to support Women's Bank

Huhtamaki supports the Women's Bank in Season times. The donation supports women's sustainable entrepreneurship and livelihood in developing countries, which is noted to be an efficient means of abolishing poverty.

Women's Bank is a community and a fund that aims to support women's work in developing countries in Africa and other continents. Women are frequently poorest of the poor and improving their position is in direct correlation to the prosperity of the whole family and even to that of the entire local community.

Huhtamaki has yearly donated the money allocated to Season's Greetings cards to various projects related to environmental protection and social well-being. This year Women's Bank was seen as an important charity organization operating internationally.

From ideas to entrepreneurship

Women's Bank was founded in May 2007 by FinnChurchAid and a group of influential women who had visited Liberia and seen the country's poor living conditions. The bank further grew out of the will to help women, who did not have possibilities to use their potential and carry out their ideas in practice.

Women's Bank finances various local projects, in which women's skills and rights are improved, small loans granted and new innovative pilot projects initiated to promote women's entrepreneurship.

Through this donation Huhtamaki becomes one of Women's Bank's shareholders. Huhtamaki wishes to reach all its stakeholders with the good Christmas spirit that follows as a dividend of this donation.