Alternative to plastic straws

Choosing our recyclable straws is a sustainable option. It will help in reducing plastic consumption and environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. They are an excellent option to provide sustainable packaging for your beverages.

From sustainably sourced paper

Huhtamaki paper drinking straws are made from 100% PEFC certified paper sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. The straws are individually wrapped in 100% PEFC certified virgin kraft paper.

Food safety certified

Our unprinted straws are made of food grade paper holding leading food safety certifications including FDA and have been tested and certified for food safety in Europe, China and the United States. The paper substrate in use is certified for direct food contact by ISEGA in Germany.

High quality production

Our paper straws are crafted to ensure strength, reliability and functionality with purpose-built European machinery. Switch to paper straws from Huhtamaki to serve your cold beverages with drinking straws with premium product quality and superior performance including both odour and taint free.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Huhtamaki has been the pioneer in the use of sustainable materials for making food packaging products. We see it as our responsibility to produce the best fit-for-purpose packaging with minimal impact on the environment.

Durable, natural straws

Our recyclable paper straws are made with 100% PEFC certified paper, come with highest levels of food safety certifications and are made in European facilities with only the best equipment and raw materials.

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