And the winner is … Push Tab® blister lid

Huhtamaki wins the German Packaging Award 2022 in the sustainability category with its Push Tab® blister lid solution. The jury emphasized that the material in mono PET does not only run on existing lines with no loss of output, it also eliminates the use of aluminium and PVC.

Push Tab® blister lid at a glance

Renewably sourced paper

No aluminum, no PVC

Certified for recycling

Plug and play on your lines

Strong collaboration with partner Syntegon

In partnership with Klöckner Pentaplast

Product features

Push Tab® blister lid is a first to market mono-PET blister lidding solution. Developed as recyclable alternative for traditional blister packaging it is designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of regulated pharmaceutical packaging.

Push Tab® blister lid, together with kpNext™ R1 bottom rigid film, is a real plug and play solution, proven to run on existing blister packaging lines, without modifications or extra investment needed.  

Our innovative blister material comes naturally with superior optical clarity. Its PET-Heat sealing structure is printable using all standard technologies.

In close partnership with company Derschlag, an expert for die cutting applications in the health and personal care industry, we developed a unique push through function for PET-based blister lid films providing consumers easy access to the tablet.


Material Structure_Push Tab blister lid.png

Its barrier properties, comparable to mono-PVC solutions, offer MOSH/MOAH protection for use of recycled cardboard folding boxes.

Sample materials are available today!

Product applications add_circle_outline

Blister packaging using Push Tab® blister lid are suitable for a wide variaty of application areas such as:

- Pharmaceuticals / OTC
- Food supplements
- Confectionary


Huhtamaki Push Tab application areas e.g. pharmaceutical and food supplement tablets and capsules
Strategic partnerships add_circle_outline


Our close collaboration with Klöckner Pentaplast throughout innovation process guarantees easy adaptation for our customers.

Push Tab® blister lid matches perfectly with kpNext™ R1 bottom rigid films. Blisters made of our combined materials were extensively tested throughout innovation process and are proven to be competible with existing production lines of form, fill and seal equipment.

Today you can profit from our real plug-and-play solution.

Learn more about kpNext™ R1 bottom rigid films

Frequently asked questions add_circle_outline

What makes Huhtamaki’s blister lid special?

Push Tab runs on existing blister packaging lines without additional investments needed and without compromising speed. The newly developed and unique technology makes the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) based lidding film pushable and secures easy access to the tablet for consumers.

What are the barrier properties of Push Tab blister solutions?

Blisters made with Push Tab blister lid have barrier properties comparable to mono-PVC solutions, offering MOSH/MOAH protection for use of recycled cardboard folding boxes. We are working at full speed on higher barrier variants.

What are my requirements to switch to recyclable Push Tab blister solutions?

We are proud to present a ready for recycling blister packaging solution that runs on existing blister lines without modifications and without compromising on speed.

Is Push Tab blister lid certified for recycling? Is there and LCA for Push Tab?

Push Tab blister lid was certified for recycling with a RecyClass A class certificate. Contact us for more information.

Can I get sample or test material?

Product samples are available. Please get in touch through our contact form.