Push Tab® loop

With the updated Version of our latest addition to the Push Tab® family, Push Tab® loop, Huhtamaki is presenting the first recyclable strip packaging for pharmaceutical solids fullfilling our Blueloop criteria for sustainability.

A strong collaboration

Since early stages of development, Huhtamaki worked in close contact with the experienced strip packaging machine supplier Romaco. Customers can benefit from the Push Tab® material being perfectly matched to the machines.

Push Tab® family

Ready solution fitting your needs

Push Tab® - the highest barrier option

Push Tab® eco - for additional cost saving

Push Tab® clear - for product transparency

Push Tab® loop - brings tablet packaging closer to the circular economy

Ready solution fitting your needs

PVC Free

Material is completely without PVC

Safe & Resistant

Excellent barrier properties against moisture and CO2

Customized Handling

Adaptable handling options to push the tablet out

New ways to design

Easy to print on and customizable forms and shapes

Like to hear more?

Like to hear more?

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