High-quality product

The protective face shields are CE marked and conform to EU 2016/425 PPE Class 1 standards and promote hygiene and safety.

These high-quality products are manufactured in our high hygiene facilities in the UK and are already in use at National Health Service (NHS) facilities in the UK.

In use by NHS across UK and Northern Ireland

Our products are already being taken into use by frontline healthcare workers in various NHS facilities in the UK and Northern Ireland.

We are able to manufacture these protective face shields at a large scale and serve the growing demand for personal protective equipment.

Designed to protect

We have repurposed our machinery to precision-cut optically clear and lightweight visors. For extra comfort and to ensure a close fit for increased safety for all head sizes, the visors are then combined with a padded adjustable strap.


The protective face shield has a clear visor with adjustable head strap and grey foam padding.

It is 220 mm in height and 797 mm in width.

It is made with 300 micron PET.

The flexible foam is made from polyurethane.

Available as a Self-Assembly FaceShield Kit

Health care

The protective face shields provide a high level of protection for the eyes and face from liquid splashes and droplets, ideal for frontline and essential healthcare workers, pharmacy and care home staff.


Ideal for retail staff to work safely especially in close contact roles. Extra comfort and size adjuster helps use the protective face shield for long durations.


The face shields can also be used to protect workers in other occupations like foodservice, catering, hospitality and personal care as these involve a lot of face-to-face contact.


For people in high manpower industries, production and manufacturing facilities, the protective face shields by Huhtamaki help operate with enhanced hygiene.

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