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Developing our talent

In 2020, Huhtamaki’s centennial and renewed 2030 Strategy provided an excellent opportunity to refresh our corporate values. Our new values Care Dare Deliver are not only true to our legacy but simultaneously drive a forward-looking mindset. For us, values are not just principles. They shape our decisions and help us make a difference where it matters, together, across businesses and geographies. Aside from unifying us as one Huhtamaki family to make a positive contribution to the world, they also function as the foundation for our high-performance culture and strategy.

Developing our diverse talent is a core element in our 2030 Strategy and is key to our future success. Diversity needs to be evident across our entire organization from global leadership to local operations. So today, with the new appointments announced in 2020, I am glad to be able to say that our Global Executive Team is diverse in terms of experience and background.

To build the strategic capabilities – in areas such as long-term innovation and digitalization – required to meet tomorrow’s challenges, we must nurture the potential of our people and continue to create a high-performance culture. In 2020, despite COVID-19, we continued to work hard to develop and provide the most engaging, motivating, and safest workplace in the sector. We provided our people with opportunities to take charge of their own careers by broadening their own skills through various virtual training programs and tools and by getting involved in strategic projects focused on delivering on our 2030 Transformation Strategy.

 For our talent to thrive, we must always provide our people with a safe working environment. This means focusing on improving our OHS performance, building our capabilities and competencies across the organization and shaping a zero-accident culture – continuously, until we can truly become an accident-free workplace. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our newly refreshed values and has made us even more focused on safeguarding our employees and their health and safety. In response, we quickly built a crisis management process and provided daily guidance for employees on sites as well as those working remotely. Safety – especially in a time of crisis – is of utmost importance, and in the end, even a single accident or injury is one too many.

Going forward, to achieve our 2030 ambitions we will continue to build on our strategic priorities and embed our values Care Dare Deliver in the way we work across the entire organization every day and at all times.

On our 100-year anniversary last year, we asked our colleagues from all around the world to tell what our values mean to them in the everyday life at Huhtamaki. A small portion of these inspiring greetings were collected in this below video. Let me present to you: 100 Thoughts about Huhtamaki.