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Huhtamaki launches recyclable laminate for shampoo

Huhtamaki launches recyclable laminate for shampoo

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging has introduced a new recyclable, polyolefin-based barrier packaging solution for shampoo sachets

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging segment’s research and development team in India has recently established fully recyclable flexible packaging solutions for several product categories under the blueloop platform. A polyolefin-based barrier laminate for shampoo sachets is already on the market and solutions for coffee, detergent, jams, ketchup, soaps and dry soups have passed long-run trials and are ready for wider market adoption.

“Achieving a commercially feasible recyclable solution required a significant amount of research and development work”, says Ashwini Singh, Associate Vice President of Innovation and Product Development at Huhtamaki India.

“Recyclable solutions must perform as well as traditional laminates on the existing packaging machinery”, he continues. “To reach the ideal solution, we collaborated broadly with different teams in the packaging value chain, within the company as well as with our customers. Time and technical resources were invested to ensure that our customers’ line efficiency is not compromised when changing to a recyclable material.”

Consumer convenience is also an important element in a functional packaging solution. To improve consumer experience, the Huhtamaki team incorporated an easy-tear feature into the shampoo laminate.

Huhtamaki India is ready to broaden and has already tested a range of sustainable packaging solutions for different applications under the Huhtamaki blueloop platform.


Closing the loop on circular flexible packaging

Huhtamaki blueloop is a collaborative platform for making flexible packaging recyclable, circular and sustainable. It unites people from all areas of the packaging sector under a citizen mindset: We all share the passion to make packaging sustainable globally. Huhtamaki blueloop addresses the issues created by a linear consumption model. We are helping our customers reach their sustainability goals by making flexible packaging circular.

Read more at www.huhtamaki.com/blueloop

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Ashwini Kr. Singh
Associate Vice President, Innovation and NPD
Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging India
+91 22 2173 5591

Rutu Kamthekar
Product Development Director,
Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging