Food Containers & Lids

We offer a complete line of food containers and lids in a wide range of sizes and designs, all proudly made in the USA. Premium strength construction, superior insulation and tight-fitting lids ensure foods stay at their optimal temperature – whether hot or cold. Available in sizes ranging from six to 64-ounces and a variety of stock and custom prints, there is a container ideal for any portion, product and brand.

White Paper Food Containers

White paper food containers are ideal for hot and cold foods due to their premium strength and insulation. You can rest assured that foods will retain their optimal temperature until ready to enjoy. White paper containers are available in sizes ranging from six to 64-ounces and can be custom-printed.

Streetside® Paper Food Containers

Choose Streetside® paper food containers for premium strength and insulation with an extra dash of style. Streetside prints are ideal for customers looking for a stylish alternative to white or custom printing.

Molded Fiber Containers

Our Molded Fiber food containers are 100% compostable and made from renewable resources. With lids designed to allow for stacking, these containers are a sustainable solution for your “to-go” needs.