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Innovating for a circular world

Innovating for a circular world

“2022 witnessed many successful Huhtamaki game changing innovations. In addition to developing new products that are fit for recycling we also stepped up our support for circular economy infrastructures through key initiatives. We believe innovation is the key to unlocking sustainability and that the circular economy calls for collaboration between all stakeholders. We must engage with industry, consumers, governments and other stakeholders to deliver on circularity ”, says Thomasine Kamerling, EVP Sustainability and Communications. At Huhtamaki we are focused on redesigning the future of sustainable packaging solutions. Find out how we are making a difference where it matters with some of our circular innovation highlights from the past year.

Nespresso home compostable paper-based coffee capsule

In November 2022, we launched the home compostable paper-based coffee capsule in collaboration with Nespresso. This transformative innovation will serve millions of coffee enthusiasts looking for a sustainable alternative to be composted at home. Our proprietary high-precision technology, which enables wood fibers to be molded into intricate shapes is a paradigm shift in how we can use renewable fiber in complex food packaging in the future.

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Push Tab® blister lid - 100% mono-PET blister packaging solution

In flexible packaging, we continued our journey towards recyclable, mono-material solutions. The launch of our 100% mono-PET blister packaging solution was another game-changing innovation, allowing us to offer the same healthcare grade capability with zero aluminum. The innovation was made together with Klöckner Pentaplast. The Push Tab® blister lid solution was awarded first place in the German Packaging Award 2022 and in the prestigious WorldStar Awards 2023 for its suitability to be run on existing packaging lines, and of course, for its PVC- and aluminum-free material composition.

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Nespresso web.jpg push tab.png

Nespresso home compostable paper-based coffee capsule (Official photo by Nespresso), Push Tab® blister lid


The Cup Collective – An at-scale solution for recycling paper cups

The Cup Collective, an industrial scale initiative founded by Huhtamaki and Stora Enso to capture the value of used paper cups through recycling was launched with its first partners in early December 2022. These include McDonald’s, SSP - The Food Travel Experts, C2 Centre, and the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB). The Cup Collective initiative, a first of its kind in Europe, aims to recycle half a billion paper cups in Europe within the first two years. The first paper cup collection bins are now available in public venues throughout Brussels including restaurants and transit hubs.

Find out more about the Cup Collective here.

The Huhtamaki Foundation Khopoli recycling plant – building recycling infrastructures

In 2022, we also saw the inauguration of our first flexible plastic packaging recycling plant in Khopoli, Maharashtra. The plant set up by the Huhtamaki Foundation helps drive circularity across the value chain. The Huhtamaki Foundation worked with the local community and authority in Maharashtra, NGOs, social enterprises, and educational institutes – including Swachh, Stri Mukti Sanghtana, CIPET and ICT – to develop this sustainable waste management system. The plant became operational in May 2022. The Huhtamaki Foundation aims to foster a sustainable culture and close the loop to bring circularity in the packaging value chain.

cup collective web.png Khopoli.png

The Cup Collective, Khopoli recycling plant


Huhtamaki’s 2022 Annual Report, to be published on March 1, 2023, contains more information on the innovation we have delivered during the past year.