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PCRRG Welcomes new OPRL paper cup recycling label

PCRRG Welcomes new OPRL paper cup recycling label

The OPRL (On Pack Recycling Label)  has announced that paper cups will have their own Specialist recycling label to support the wide range of UK paper cup recycling programmes including in store and on-street, office, workplace and industry collections by waste contractors, bring bank and post back schemes.   This recognises the progress that the industry has made to drive effective infrastructure for recycling paper cups.

The PCRRG (Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group) welcomes this move and sees the Specialist OPRL label as a reflection of the collaborative work the industry has undertaken and the schemes and projects that have been implemented to achieve the recognition that paper cups are nationally recycled throughout the UK.

Neil Whittall, Category Director for Specialty Coffee said: “We have been working closely with the OPRL to demonstrate that the industry takes recycling paper cups seriously and has made great progress to ensure that the opportunity exists to recycle every paper cup used in the UK. 

“Now that manufacturers and brands who are part of the OPRL scheme can use this new label, it will be clear to consumers that they can recycle their used cup at any participating store or at any one of the wide range of schemes now in place. We know that consumers find it confusing as to what to do with their used cup and the new label will go a long way to     help overcome this.”

The PCRRG provided detailed evidence to the OPRL on the work it has carried out and the collection points and recycling opportunities for paper cups throughout the UK.  The new label also has the support of WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme).  The PCRRG has provided a non-competitive collaborative environment for key stakeholders to work together to implement change, particularly with retail brands agreeing to collect each other’s used cups. 

Adds Neil: “We know there is still work to do to increase paper cup recycling and we encourage every coffee shop, cafe, canteen and workplace to join in by signing up to collection services and installing collection points.  The PCRRG is happy to help any company find details of this can be done and point them in the right direction.”

For more information:  www.pcrrg.org.uk