Analysts and consensus estimate

The following analysts follow Huhtamaki´s share development closely and also provide equity analysis on the company. Huhtamaki does not take stand to the correctness of the analysis and will not be accountable for the financial outcome of investment decisions made upon these analyses.

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ABG Sundal Collier, Oslo
Martin Melbye
Tel. +47 22 016 137

Berenberg, London
Carl-Oscar Bredengen
Tel. +44 20 3753 3160

Carnegie, Helsinki
Robin Santavirta
Tel. +358 9 6187 1239

Danske Bank Equities, Helsinki
Maria Wikström
Puh. +358 10 236 4794

Exane BNP Paribas, London
Justin Jordan
Tel. +44 20 3430 8645

Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Helsinki
Mika Karppinen
Tel. +358 10 444 2752

Inderes, Helsinki
Antti Viljakainen
Tel. +358 44 591 2216

Nordea Markets, Helsinki
Pasi Väisänen
Tel. +358 9 1655 9943

Nykredit Markets, Copenhagen
Klaus Kehl
Tel. +45 44 554 728

OP Yrityspankki, Helsinki
Henri Parkkinen
Tel. +358 10 252 4409

SEB Enskilda, Helsinki
Jutta Rahikainen
Tel. +358 9 6162 8713

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