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Last updated: February 27, 2024

Related party transactions

The Company and its Board monitor and evaluate transactions between the Company and its related parties. The Company has defined principles and processes for identifying the Company’s related parties and the transactions to be carried out with them as well as for evaluating and reporting the nature and terms of such transactions. In order to identify its related party transactions, the Company keeps record of the persons that are its related parties. The Audit Committee of the Board monitors the Company’s related party transactions in accordance with the Company’s reporting practices. Transactions between the Company and its related parties are typically part of the ordinary course of business of the Company and implemented under arms-length terms. Related party transactions that are not part of the ordinary course of business of the Company or are not implemented under arms-length terms require a decision by the Board. Board members cannot participate in deciding a related party transaction concerning themselves or their related parties in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Company has not concluded transactions with its related parties in 2023 that are material to the Company and that either deviate from the Company’s normal business operations or are not made on market or market equivalent terms.

Shareholder agreements

There are no shareholder agreements known to the Company.