Last updated: March 4, 2024

In this section you can find answers to Huhtamaki's frequently asked questions.

About Huhtamaki and its operating environment add_circle_outline

1. What is Huhtamaki’s strategy and its strategic priorities?

At Huhtamaki, we are for shaping the sustainable future of everyday life to offer wellbeing, convenience and responsible lifestyle to billions of people everywhere. Our ambition is to become the first choice in sustainable food packaging.

Our strategic priorities are growth, competitiveness, talent and sustainability.

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2. Which trends are impacting the future of food packaging?

Huhtamaki has identified four transformative trends that are impacting the future of food packaging. These trends are:

  • Middle class: The next billion consumers will come from the emerging markets.
  • Future consumer: Consumers of the future will require packaging to be innovative, individual and sustainable.
  • Digitalization will influence packaging and the way we do business.
  • Sustainability will drive innovation and collaboration.

3. What are Huhtamaki’s financial ambitions?

Huhtamaki’s long-term financial ambitions are:

  • Comparable growth: 5-6%
  • Adjusted EBIT margin: 10-12%
  • Adjusted return on investment (ROI): 13-15%
  • Net debt/Adjusted EBITDA: 2-3
  • Dividend payout ratio: 40-50%

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4. What are Huhtamaki’s key technologies and how is the business structured into segments?

Huhtamaki’s key technologies are foodservice packaging, molded fiber packaging and flexible packaging. Mastering three distinctive technologies, we develop and make packaging that helps great products reach more people, more easily.

Our three business areas are organized into four reporting segments: Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania, North America, Flexible Packaging and Fiber Packaging.

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5. When was Huhtamaki founded and where does the name of the company come from?

Huhtamaki was founded in 1920 in Kokkola, Finland by Mr. Heikki Huhtamäki. In the beginning O/Y Huhtamäen Tehtaat – A/B Huhtamäkis Fabriker made 46 different types of candy mostly by hand and produced wooden boxes and containers for these products.

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6. How many people does Huhtamaki employ?

At the end of 2023, the number of employees was 17,910 of which 71% worked directly in production. Countries with the largest number of employees were the U.S., India and Germany.

7. Which are the most important raw materials for Huhtamaki?

The main raw materials that Huhtamaki uses are paperboard, plastic resins and recycled fiber. Of all the raw materials we use, approximately 66% are renewable. Over 98% of all our fiber is either recycled or from sustainably managed sources.

Huhtamaki shares add_circle_outline

1. Where are the Huhtamaki shares listed?

Huhtamaki’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Huhtamaki’s shares are also traded on alternative venues, such as BATS Chi-X and Turquoise.

2. How many share series does Huhtamaki have?

Huhtamaki has one share series.

3. How many outstanding shares does Huhtamaki have?

The total number of shares is 107,760,385 and at the end of 2023, the number of outstanding shares was 104,538,181.

4. How many shareholders does Huhtamaki have?

At the end 2023, Huhtamaki had approximately 53,834 registered shareholders. This number is updated monthly, and the most recent information can be found here.

5. Who are Huhtamaki’s largest shareholders?

At the end of 2023, Huhtamaki’s largest shareholders was the Finnish Cultural Foundation with 10.5% of shares. The shareholder information is updated monthly and can be found here.

6. How big share of total shareholding is outside of Finland?

At the end of 2023, Finnish shareholder accounted for approximately 58.5% of shares, while foreign shareholding was approximately 41.5%. The share of domestic and foreign shareholding changes monthly, and the most recent information can be found here.

7. What is the current share price?

The easiest way to find the current share price (delay of 15 minutes) is to use the share information tool on Huhtamaki’s website. The share information tool can be found here.

8. Does Huhtamaki’s management hold any shares in Huhtamaki?

Yes. The shareholding of Huhtamaki’s Board of Directors and Global Executive Team can be found here.

9. What is Huhtamaki’s dividend policy?

One of Huhtamaki’s long-term ambitions is a dividend payout of 40-50%. The dividend payout history can be found here.

Financial information add_circle_outline

1. What is Huhtamaki’s financial year?

Huhtamaki’s financial year is the calendar year: January 1 – December 31.

2. When does Huhtamaki publish its financial results?

The publication dates of quarterly and annual results reports vary from year to year. To find the upcoming reporting dates, please refer to our investor calendar.

3. What is Huhtamaki’s financial position currently and what debt instruments is Huhtamaki using?

Huhtamaki’s financial position is generally sound, with net debt to adjusted EBITDA at 2.2 at the end of 2023. The company also uses a variety of debt instruments. For more information about Huhtamaki’s financial position and the different debt instruments, please see here.

4. How does Huhtamaki manage its financial risks?

The objective of financial risk management is to ensure that Huhtamaki has access to sufficient funding in the most cost-efficient way and to minimize the impact on from adverse movements in the financial markets. Management of financial risks is guided and controlled by a Finance Committee, led by the CFO.

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5. Where can I find Huhtamaki’s key financial information? Is it possible to get the key figures in Excel format?

Key financial information and figures are available on Huhtamaki’s investor website. The figures are divided into annual and quarterly figures and can be downloaded in different formats, such as Excel, PDF and jpeg.

6. Which analysts are covering Huhtamaki?

An updated list of analysts covering Huhtamaki can be found here. Huhtamaki does not take stand to the correctness of the analysis and will not be accountable for the financial outcome of investment decisions made upon these analyses.

Corporate Governance add_circle_outline

1. Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

The Annual General Meeting 2023 elected the following nine individuals to the Board:

  • Mr. Pekka Ala-Pietilä, Chair
  • Ms. Kerttu Tuomas, Vice-Chair
  • Ms. Mercedes Alonso
  • Mr. Doug Baillie
  • Mr. William R. Barker
  • Ms. Anja Korhonen
  • Mr. Pekka Vauramo
  • Ms. Pauline Lindwall
  • Ms. Sandra Turner
  • Mr. Ralf K. Wunderlich.

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2. Who is the CEO of Huhtamaki and where can I find more information about the management team?

Charles Héaulmé (born 1966), B.Sc. (Business Administration), has acted as the Group President and CEO of Huhtamaki as of April 26, 2019. More information about the Global Executive Team can be found here.

3. What are Huhtamaki’s Corporate Governance principles?

Huhtamäki Oyj complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Securities Market Association. Huhtamäki Oyj’s corporate governance comprises the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Committees founded by it, the President and CEO and the Global Executive Team, laws and regulations applicable in countries where the Huhtamäki Oyj operates as well as internal policies, guidelines and practices.

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4. Does Huhtamaki have any incentive schemes for management?

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5. Who is Huhtamaki’s auditor?

The Annual General Meeting 2023 re-elected the Authorized Public Accountant firm KPMG Oy Ab as Huhtamaki Oyj’s Auditor. KPMG Oy Ab has announced that Mr. Henrik Holmbom, APA, is the Auditor with principal responsibility. More information here.

6. Where can I find Huhtamaki’s Articles of Association?

The Articles of Association can be found here.