Corporate responsibility agenda

Our corporate responsibility agenda, Packaging for Good, focuses on four themes; People, Packaging, Supply chain and Manufacturing operations. These are the most material corporate responsibility-related aspects for our business. We have a stated ambition for each theme and measure our performance against related key performance indicators.

Packaging for Good

Goal: By 2020, our work culture and reputation as a responsible employer make us a desired place to work

  • Employee Engagement index >70%
  • Huhtamaki Group Lost Time Incident Rate: 1.7
  • Community programs in pace on site level and Group level

Goal: By 2020, our customers see Huhtamaki as a most trusted partner to deliver and innovate on sustainability and food safety

  • All products comply with our Global Packaging Food Safety Policy
  • Zero food contact compliance related claims reported
  • Product innovation*

Goal: By 2020, all key suppliers work with us to deliver on our Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Supply chain due diligence system in place covering ethical, social and environmental criteria
  • Ambition: all fiber sourced from recycled or certified sustainable sources (2017: 98%)

Goal: By 2020, we produce more, with less impact on the environment per unit of production

  • Natural Resource Strategy*
  • All plants in water stressed areas have a water management plan

Financial health and competitiveness, Ethical operating standards and practices, Good governance, Respect for human rights, Equal employment opportunities.

All targets refer to 2020 unless indicated otherwise.

* Packaging for Good is Huhtamaki's long-term Corporate Responsibility program. The program is launched with initial goals targeting our centennial year 2020. The program is constantly reviewed and updated based on our progress of developing longer-term goals and KPIs. In particular, we are currently working on Huhtamaki's environmental and product sustainability initiatives and related goals and KPIs.


We strive to provide our employees with safe working conditions, and foster good leadership.


We manufacture fit-for-purpose packaging from responsibly sourced raw materials, as well as renewable and recycled materials.

Supply chain

We know our suppliers and work together with them in accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Manufacturing operations

We continue to develop our production efficiency and use natural resources responsibly.

Value creation

Our value creation model describes the various inputs we use and the total value and impact we create to our stakeholders through our activities. It focuses on three resource dimensions: nature, human and financial.