Engaged and motivated employees


The Huhtamaki of today is the result of over 100 years of rich history, rooted in Finland and shaped by a diverse workforce of more than 17,900 talented professionals around the globe. We operate in 37 countries and employ people of more than 90 different nationalities. We embrace diversity and provide an inclusive workplace where every individual can bring their whole self to work.

At Huhtamaki, we focus on creating a safe, engaging and inclusive high-performance culture by encouraging our employees to act according to our values – Care Dare Deliver.

Guided by our values and our Global Code of Conduct

Our values - Care Dare Deliver - and our Code of Conduct guide us in everything we do. The way we work is also guided by our global policies and procedures, to ensure a consistent employee experience across the organization. Our Global Employment Guidelines, Group Occupational Health and Safety policy, our global Working Conditions Requirements on ethics and an increasing number of globally leveraged people processes and practices provide consistency and transparency across our entire organization, across business segments and regions.

Creating a positive employee experience

Developing our diverse talent is core to our 2030 Growth Strategy. The key to our future success is our ability to build the competencies and capabilities of our employees and People Leaders so that they can thrive in their roles today and in the future. By investing in the continuous development of our people, we nurture a high-performance culture and aim to provide a unique employee experience.

Investing in the development of our leaders add_circle_outline

Our People Leaders play an important role in Huhtamaki’s success, particularly in communicating our strategy, purpose and values to our teams across the organization. Our unique leadership model, our Leadership Imprint, describes the expectations we have of all leaders and provides the foundation for our leadership development efforts.

Our Leadership Imprint combines our values Care Dare Deliver and the three dimensions of leadership: lead yourself, lead others and lead business. The model is used to guide our leaders in their daily work and to shape the impact they make as leaders – their personal leadership handprint.

Connecting with our employees add_circle_outline

As an organization we recognize the importance of regular two-way communication with our employees. We also listen to feedback from our employees in many ways. Connect, our biennial global employee engagement survey that covers all our employees, is an important tool for us to listen to our employees. The survey was last conducted in 2023 with a response rate of 84%(79%) The employee engagement index was at 83% (73%)and the leadership index at 82% (77%). We identified career development and growth of our employees, collaboration across businesses and functions, and a deeper understanding of our strategy as our focus areas for 2024.

Investing in employee competence development and growth add_circle_outline

At Huhtamaki, we nurture a culture of learning that enables our talent to grow. We support our employees to trace their own path for growth by providing learning opportunities in the form of structured learning, on-the-job training and learning from others.

Cultivating an environment of inclusion and belonging add_circle_outline

As outlined by our Code of Conduct and our values, treating employees equally and with respect is key to successful leadership and ultimately to a successful business and a thriving society. The successful implementation of our 2030 Strategy requires a working culture that is conducive to innovation and creativity. That, in turn, is possible only through the active promotion of inclusion and diversity. Our leadership model, our values and the work we carry out to develop our strategic capabilities all support this goal.