Zero compromise on product safety and quality in packaging design


Packaging secures hygiene, food availability and food safety for consumers around the globe. Managing product safety is essential in our business when delivering material that will be in contact with food. Product safety is non-negotiable and managing food contact safety is at the core of sustainable packaging solutions for food.

We are committed to providing safe, fit-for-purpose and high-quality packaging products to food and drink packaging customers globally. Each Huhtamaki product meets high quality and food safety standards that give our customers and their customers, the consumers, confidence in our products. Our approach to food safety covers the entire supply chain. Proactive communication between all parties in the value chain regarding raw materials, compositions and intended use of the final food packaging is essential when we design our products.

When designing our products, we use a safety-by-design approach. Raw materials are qualified for food contact suitability for the intended use before being introduced. The finished articles are assessed and tested by legal requirements.

Chemical considerations included in our product design

Our safety-by-design approach includes chemical considerations. As stated in the Huhtamaki Environmental Policy, we are committed to protecting the environment and public health including the restriction and the substitution of potentially hazardous high-impact chemicals, globally. We aim to minimize the consumption of chemicals and to reduce the environmental impact of our business, across all our operations. Huhtamaki adopts and implements all relevant regional, national and global chemicals-related laws and regulations including for example REACH EU regulation on chemical substances in Europe and GHS classification and labelling of chemicals from the United Nations globally. We also extend these commitments to our supply chain through our Code of Conduct for Huhtamaki Suppliers.