To ensure that our sustainability work concentrates on the most material topics, we continuously follow the most recent developments and trends in the sustainability field, changes in legislation as well as input from stakeholders. While we regularly update our materiality assessment, the material sustainability topics tend to remain the same over the years, with only slight variations to their relative importance.

In 2023, we began examining our material topics from a double materiality perspective, taking into account not only the impact of Huhtamaki on people and the environment, but also the potential financial effects on Huhtamaki from sustainability-related risks and opportunities. This process is interlinked with our Enterprise Risk Management process, which is focused on identifying crucial non-financial risks and opportunities. The results of the double materiality assessment will be published during the year 2024.

The results of the 2022 assessment are summarized in the below table, which shows the topics mapped according to our value chain and reflects both potential and actual, as well as both positive and negative impacts.



Read more about how we manage the material sustainability topics in our Sustainability Report.