Taking care of our environment

We are committed to continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our operations. Our manufacturing units continuously work to improve their resource efficiency. This is supported by a strong environmental and financial rationale.

Greenhouse gas emissions and production waste are the main environmental impacts of our manufacturing operations. Additionally, water usage is a material topic in our molded fiber manufacturing operations.

Our 2030 sustainability ambitions include several goals related to these topics:



2030 goals

Water management plans in place in all production units by the end of 2022

Performance in 2021

47 (59% of all sites) sites have water management plans in place



2030 goals

>90% of non-hazardous waste recycled or composted

0% of waste sent to landfill

Performance in 2021

72.3% of non-hazardous waste was recycled or composted

17.9% of total waste was sent to landfill